Nissan debuting fleet of high performance cars at tokyo auto salon 2018


for the tokyo auto salon 2018, nissan is set to present 15 new and diverse models, including grand touring concepts of the ‘leaf’, ‘NV350 caravan’, and the ‘X-trail’. additionally, for their high performance road car segment, the brand will also showcase the ‘fairlady Z heritage edition’, as well as the ‘NISMO’ range. this will compare to a collection of concept cars that will debut from the newly launched AUTECH sub-brand.

the LEAF grand touring concept leads the nissan 15 models (main image: nissan GT-R NISMO)
all images courtesy of nissan

although not releasing any details on performance specifications, the fleet of nissan vehicles will debut at the tokyo auto salon 2018, which runs from january 12th to 14th. the showcase will include: ‘LEAF grand touring concept’, ‘NV350 caravan grand touring concept’, ‘X-trail grand touring concept’, ‘fairlady Z heritage edition’, ‘elgrand special edition’, ‘note e-POWER C-gear’, ‘serena e-POWER AUTECH concept’, ‘note e-POWER AUTECH concept’, ‘X-trail AUTECH concept’, ‘serena NISMO’, ‘LEAF NISMO’, ‘note e-POWER NISMO’, ‘GT-R NISMO’, ‘X-trail’, and ‘MOTUL AUTECH GT-R’.

nissan NV350 caravan grand touring concept

nissan X-trail grand touring concept

nissan fairlady Z heritage edition

nissan note e-POWER C-gear

nissan serena e-POWER AUTECH concept

nissan note e-POWER AUTECH concept

nissan X-trail AUTECH concept

nissan serena NISMO


nissan note e-POWER NISMO

nissan X-trail