Diamond atelier + bridgestone customize the BMW RnineT motorcycle for EICMA


based on a donated BMW ‘R nineT’, bridgestone commissions diamond atelier to push the limits of this motorcycle for EICMA 2017. the bavarian team knew the bike very well having built several examples in the past, and the challenges they’d be facing. when japanese tire manufacturer, bridgestone, first approached DA to commission the build it was almost turned down due to extremely tough timing before the bike show.

all images © lukas magerl + julian weber

fortunately, diamond atelier managed to re-allocate some job and agreed to customize the BMW for bridgestone. the studio was given carte blanche on the ‘R nineT’s’ design, and it was aware that the main feature would be the tires – a prototype set of 2018 battlax. the racer features gilles handlebars, rear sets and frame covers, while the cowling is an original BMW aluminum piece modified to flow better with the bike’s stripped back lines. the slimmer seat was upholstered in the factory pattern with black cowhide leather.

the studio is proud of the BMW’s nacelle that replaced the stock front headlight unit, as it has been working with 3D printing technology more frequently. its attempt has turned out to be very precise and well proportioned, and replaces the headlight while helping to blend the front of the bike to the tank.