BMW R100 R mystic is a shiny copper clad café racer


people have been discovering uses for copper since the prehistoric ages. the material has been used to make tools, conduct electricity, and more recently, create facades for apartment towers in new york, and minimalist products for interiors. one man decided to clad his BMW ‘R100 R’ café racer with the decorative finish, and the final product is certainly a shiny example of a motorcycle.

vincent degano first developed an interest in BMW motorcycles from an early age, as his father was a member of the french police and rode them. today he customizes bikes in a scrambler style due to its relaxed riding position. he decided it was time to try something new and build a café racer, so he chose BMW’s ‘R100 R mystic’ for the job. the bike’s engine was etched clean and painted black after the rebuild, along with the wheels. aftersand blasting the carbs, forks, frame and shock spring shot – they were in a covered with a custom copper powder coat. the bodywork is painted in a faux copper paint that shines with an extra polished finish. vincent fitted a set of 2010 speed triple forks that were accompanied with a pair of radial brembo brakes. a new axel, wheel and disc spacers had the 320 mm stoppers sitting in the right position, while some custom lines from silver performance rounded it off. the wheels were then blacked out and fitted with avon ‘storm 3D’ rubber.