fully functioning zanco tiny t1 is the world’s smallest phone


with smartphones becoming all the more thinner yet larger in height and width aspects, the world’s smallest fully functioning phone, the zanco ‘tiny t1’, has been revealed. although seeming very cute, the mobile serves a purpose as an ideal backup, emergency phone or companion when travelling light. at 21 x 46.7mm in size and 13g in weight, it is smaller than your thumb and lighter than a coin.

it is the world’s smallest fully functioning mobile
all images courtesy of zanco

compatible with nano SIM cards and operating on the 2G network, the zanco ‘tiny t1’ can be used to talk and text, thanks to featuring a speaker, microphone and fully functioning keyboard. however, even more equipment is packed into the small device as it includes 32 RAM, 12.5mm OLED screen and a mirco USB charging port that energizes the battery for up to three days or for 180 minutes of talk time.

the mobile is an ideal backup or emergency phone in case your giant, tablet-sized smartphone is lost or stolen

as a perfect novelty gift for gadget lovers and friends and family alike, the zanco ‘tiny t1’ is currently seeking funding via crowdfunding. to find out more and support their campaign, visit their kickstarter page here.

it enhances mini everything: microphone, micro USB charging port, keyboard and more

the device measures 21 x 46.7mm in size and weighs 13g