Youtuber Casey Neistat flies Emirates first class suite: the ‘all time greatest airplane seat’


most of us will go somewhere nice for the festive season, some may even fly – fewer will be onboard the new luxurious emirates first class suite however – luckily, youtube star casey neistat has done exactly that and filmed the entire process – of course. so while your fighting for legroom, watch how the big spenders are flying this season…

casey sits to enjoy a full course meal at his on white clothed dining table
all images courtesy of caseyneistat at youtube

known for sharing his stunts and luxury travel experiences neistat recently flew from brussels to dubai on an Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft, which launched last month boasting its own doors, a service window for refreshments and ‘zero-gravity’ beds. inspired by the mercedes-benz s-class, the 40-square-foot private suites reportedly start at £7,000 ($9,300) one-way.

a simple video call brings instant service

labelling the exclusive private suite the ‘all-time greatest airplane seat’ casey takes full advantage of all the amenities including two TVs, a fold-up vanity mirror, and its snack and drink selection.