kahn design teases soft top makeover of its land rover defender flying huntsman 6×6


kahn design, the team behind the creation of many inspiring and aspirational vehicles, have recently teased an image of its customised land rover defender flying huntsman 6×6 concept. though little information has been released of the hefty vehicle, the team explains that the flying huntsman 6×6 soft top concept will bring ‘an element of adventure, engineering and romanticism to the most seasoned of defender owners and enthusiasts.’

kahn design’s teaser image of the flying huntsman 6×6 soft-top version

kahn design‘s newer soft top model might includes specs similar to its predecessor, the original flying huntsman 6×6 concept. it includes a bulkier front bumper, an aggressive grille, and the luxury off-roader is decorated with unique kahn badging. more information of will be released in the coming weeks and months ahead.

the original land rover defender flying huntsman 6×6 concept