Dornier Seastar Revives the Seaster Amphibious Aircraft


german aviation manufacturer dornier has been building flying vessels for more than 100 years, and it unveils its latest production aircaft, the seastar. the amphibious aircraft has been in development since the 1980s. after completing flight tests and FAA certification, the german firm’s design was shelved due to a shortage in funding, and it was then resurrected in 2009 by dornier seawings, with new partners.

all images © dornier seawings

dornier’s ‘seastar’ boasts an all-composite airframe, built by diamond aircraft, making the seaplane completely immune to corrosion. two pratt and whitney canada ‘PT6A’ turboprops, coupled with five-blade MT propellers, provide speeds of up to 207 mph (333 km/h), while its maximum range is maximum range is 900 nautical miles (1448 km).

in VIP configuration, the roomy cabin can seat up to seven people in soft leather seats, while extra-large windows frame the scenery, and wood veneer details, an optional lavatory, and plenty of storage space ensure uncompromised comfort. the single-pilot cockpit features a honeywell primus epic 2.0 avionics suite, which includes four 10-inch LCD displays, and a synthetic vision system.