VW hops on the ride share bandwagon with the all-electric MOIA minibus


automakers have taken note to their industry’s rapid changes, some more so than others; the volkswagen group’s new mobility services company, MOIA, is embracing sustainable solutions for the future of mobility. one of these solutions is the all-electric MOIA minibus. fast-internet access, USB chargers and an all-electric motor: next year MOIA is letting 200 of these tech-friendly minibuses loose in hamburg.

the all-electric MOIA minibus
all images courtesy of MOIA

headquartered in berlin and under VW’s umbrella, MOIA plans to pioneer the new world of mobility via more tailored transportation systems. ‘our sights are set on becoming one of the global top players for mobility services in the medium term. to achieve that we will be seeking to attract the best minds and technology start-ups,’ ole harms, CEO of MOIA, says.

the minibus is an affordable answer to many transportation issues

previously, VW wasn’t interested in the uber/lyft ride-sharing trend, but now, with moia, VW is driving towards its evolution into becoming a globally leading provider of sustainable, optimized transportation; they, too, are joining the share economy. are they ahead of the game, too late, or right on time? it’s hard to say.

the minibus holds up to six passengers

optimization and sustainability are key elements in the business model of tomorrow. people are openly starting to care less about ownership and more about convenience; it makes sense why VW would look to a company such as MOIA that understands this perspective well. according to matthias müller, CEO of the volkswagen group, ‘even though not everyone will still own a car in [the] future, MOIA can help make everyone a customer of our company in some way or another.’

MOIA aims to make cities safer, more beautiful places

MOIA has a lot planned for the following years. they want to fight the pollution and chaos caused by slow-moving traffic jams. they want to create better services for people and they understand that better services means better algorithms. MOIA’s next move is to take on holistic commuting by aiming to optimize and perfect the car pooling business. in the meantime, they’re talking to experts (urban residents, cyclists, skaters, hackers and commuters of all kind) in order to better understand what needs to change.

MOIA believes we are living in the future, while transportation is stuck in the past

eighty percent of people have no choice about their means of transportation

MOIA aims to expand to global cities by 2025

MOIA is working on a european expansion strategy with ride sharing app ‘gett’

the first pilot projects in this field are scheduled to begin in 2017

minibus provides a clean, safe, roomy environment

MOIA is testing ride sharing and car pooling services