BMW R1100 KHAN concept is a futuristic motorcycle that belongs to blade runner


dubbed the ‘KHAN’, this sharp motorcycle concept depicts the future for motorcycle brand, BMW. turkish designer, mehmet erdem, has created several motorcycle and otherworldly vehicle concepts in the past. based in istanbul, erdem has created no less than eight other captivating BMW motorcycles, which all exhibit a unique and authentic interpretation of the brand.

all images © mehmet doruk erdem

in addition to the name, the ‘KHAN’s’ stylized form appears to be rather fitting for blade runner. surely, if this vehicle were to ever be produced, it would be something that rick deckard would consider upgrading to, due to its radical design and probable performance capabilities. similarly to the science fiction movie, this design exercise will almost certainly never make reality, and will remain only at a concept phase. still, erdem’s renderings can serve to inspire manufacturer’s designers to take greater risks, to design truly dramatic and mesmerizing motorcycles.