Husqvarna vitpilen 701 motorcycle + svartpilen 701 concept unveiled at EICMA 2017


husqvarna presents the production ‘vitpilen 701’ motorcycle, while also introducing the new ‘svartpilen 701’ concept at EICMA 2017 in milan, italy. forming new additions to the swedish manufacturer’s range of ‘real street’ motorcycles, these two machines are powered by robust yet sophisticated single-cylinder motors that are housed within a minimalistic layout. both motorcycles have been created to provide a genuine riding experience.

all images © husqvarna

husqvarna’s ‘svartpilen 701’ concept is a dark street explorer that is free of excess and reduced to its simplest form. this machine aims to appeal to a new generation of motorcyclists and those preferring a simpler, timeless design approach. featuring a technologically-advanced four-stroke single-cylinder engine that is housed in a stripped down but progressive layout, it combines excellent performance with an authentic style. as accessible as a motorcycle can be, it’s a modern and innovative naked bike waiting to offer a raw and exhilarating experience on two wheels.

the ‘vitpilen 701’ is the highlight of the swedish-manufacturer’s re-entry into the street motorcycling segment. first unveiled to the media and the public during its first launch as a prototype in 2015, it has now reached production and is expected to be available in the first months of 2018. largely inspired by the brand’s swedish heritage, the ‘vitpilen’ is a modern motorcycle that features innovative technology. from the trellis frame to the powerful single cylinder motor, or the standard WP suspension and brembo brakes, this bike is bristling with premium components.