Lamborghini + MIT Collaborate on ‘Terzo Millennio’ electric super sports car


lamborghini has revealed a new design concept in collaboration with two laboratories at the massachusetts institute of technology (MIT), push forward the future of electric super sport cars. the concept focuses on different dimensions of technology and design, including energy storage systems, innovative materials, and propulsion systems. in a time when the high-end automobile industry is moving away from traditional energy storage systems and conventional batteries, lamborghini is investigating the potential of supercapacitors.

lamborghini is revealed as lamborghini’s newest electric, super sports car
image courtesy of lamborghini

five years ago, lamborghini applied low voltage supercapacitors in the popular V12 aventador. the potential for this storage system needs to be able to deliver high peak power and regenerate kinetic energy with a limited influence from aging and cycling during the vehicle’s life. at the same time, the system must be able to symmetrically release and harvest electric power. this system requires the utilization of new materials and produce carbon fiber structure and parts — taking lightweight materials to the next level.

the design concept utilizes an improved energy storage system and innovative materials

the terzo millennio aims to combine technology and ‘self-healing,’ the cars ability to conduct its own health monitoring to detect cracks and damages. this is conducted through micro channels filled with healing chemistries. the energy storage system directly relates to performance. it allows the terzo millennio to embody the lamborghini spirit while taking steps towards the direction of creating ‘lamborghini electric’ — focusing on high torque, reversibility, and the possibility of moving energy by wire. the overall design utilizes entirely new architecture to perfect airflow.

the design focused on four principles: energy, materials, powertrain architecture, and sound/emotion

the design focuses on the future of automobile design that uses electricity instead of gasoline

the design focuses on the future of automobile design that uses electricity instead of gasoline

the engineers hope to recover kinetic energy to deliver huge peaks of power

lamborghini aims to develop an innovative supercapacitor system

the project works to use structural electric energy as a rechargeable battery

the company wants to improve the nanomaterial technology

the body is able to diffuse nano-charges in CFK-based panels that are able to store electric energy

health-monitoring is the ability for the car to scan for damages and cracks

the design hopes to generate torque directly in the wheels