Hennessey’s venom F5 hypercar will debut at the 2017 SEMA show


all images © hennessey

hennessey’s team is developing a twin turbo V8 engine for the ‘venom F5’ that can deliver over 1600 bhp. it will be mated to a seven-speed single clutch paddle shift transmission and deliver power down to its rear tires. the ‘venom’ also features a new light weight chassis and all carbon fiber body, which gives it a curb weight of just 2,950 lbs. the combination of light weight, low drag and exceptional horsepower will deliver new levels of hypercar performance. acceleration from 0 to 186 mph (300 km/h) will be less than 10 seconds, making the ‘F5’ quicker than current formula one race cars. 0 to 249 mph (400 km/h) and back to rest will be under 30 seconds, while the top speed of is projected to exceed 300 mph.


hennessey unveils its much-anticipated 301 mph 1600 bhp ‘venom F5’ hypercar. the special vehicle is designed and built from the ground up, and according the american-automaker its intention is to be, ‘the absolute fastest road car on earth’. the team has developed a new design, chassis and carbon fiber body focused on aerodynamics to achieve the lowest possible drag, with a coefficient of just 0.33.