the yamaha 03GEN-X is a three-wheeled off-road scooter concept


all images © yamaha

yamaha’s ’03GEN-X’ concept sturdy aesthetic makes it look more like an assault vehicle rather than a three-wheeled scooter. additional highlights include a futuristic front headlight with an X carved into it, a colorful digital display, a rising exhaust, a brown leather seat, and a thick rear frame with the taillight and rear turn signals integrated. the japanese-automaker has yet to reveal engine specification details, but we’re hoping it would be able to produce a high torque range to tackle almost any terrain.

yamaha unveils a three-wheeled off-road scooter concept, featuring wire spoke wheels, thick knobby tires, and a distinct scrambler style to it. the ’03GEN-X’ is an unusual, futuristic concept designed with off-roading and ‘cross’ in mind.