Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Business Class Sea


Australian Business Traveller joined the very first flight of the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, fresh from the Boeing factory at Seattle all the way to Sydney, to bring you this first review of Qantas’ flagship business class seat on the newest member of the Flying Kangaroo’s fleet.

For many of our readers this is the seat they’ll travel in on routes to the USA and of course on the epic 17 hour non-stop journey from Perth to London.

Our take: Qantas can confidently boast the world’s best Boeing 787 business class seat.

The comfortable well-appointed seat boasts ample personal space, a recline mode for take-off and landing, and of course converts into a fully flat bed to help put the ‘dream’ into Dreamliner.

Qantas’ designer David Caon (below) has taken the superb ‘Business Suite’ design of the Qantas Airbus A330s – a seat initially shaped by Marc Newson from Thompson Aero’s Vantage XL platform – and made it even better.

The key improvement: a sliding divider sits between the paired middle seats, similar to that on the Qantas Airbus A380 superjumbo, compared to the fixed wall between those seats on the A330 (as seen below).

Push it down if you want to be sociable with your seatmate…

… or raise it for privacy.

Pretty much everything else remains the same as on the A330 Business Suite, but wrapped in a more contemporary toned-down colour scheme.

Darker woodgrain panelling, a softer brushed aluminium trim and the charcoal seat fabric subtly shot through with grey and navy all contribute to a more refined, more natural and undeniably more ‘premium’ look.

The rest of the Qantas Business Suite recipe remains pleasingly the same, starting of course with direct aisle access for every passenger – there’s no clambering over your neighbour (or having them do likewise to you).

The seat itself is wide and comfortable; can be partially reclined during the taxi, take-off and landing stages of your Boeing 787 flight…

… and of course converts to a 2 metre lie-flat bed.

The extended seat shell provides a perfect balance between privacy and accessibility…

… while a Do Not Disturb light lets the cabin crew know you want to remain in the land of nod rather than be woken for meals.

But with regards to stretching out: as with the A330 business suite, the front rows of each of the two business class cabins (aisles 1A and, 1K, middles 2E and 2F plus any seat in row 10) are best for legroom and especially recommended for tall travellers and those with large feet, thanks to a larger recess pushing into the bulkhead wall.

This affords much more room for your feet than the other seats, which dovetail into the seat in front of them and thus have a smaller cubby.

And on the subject of seats to seek vs seats to avoid: if you crave a view, steer clear of seats 5A and 5K – these are located at a point in the fuselage where there’s no window directly next to you.

Regardless of which Boeing 787-9 business class seat you find yourself in, there’s ample room to spread out your work and also keep your personal stuff within reach.

AC, USB and headphone sockets are right where they need to be…

… and this recessed shelf lets you park your tech to recharge during the flight so it’s at hand while out of the way.

Plenty of entertainment options are parked behind the generous 16 inch video screen with its modern tap-and-swipe interface (the same content and interface features in the Boeing 787’s premium economy and economy classes).

… although it looks much better when packed with snacks!