The Sleek Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 is Powered by AI Technology

porsche design partners with tech giant huawei to present the much anticipated joint sleek smartphone — the porsche design huawei mate 10. at its unveiling event in munich, designboom attends the unveiling of the stunning device that combines a sophisticated aesthetic and high performance, powered by artificial intelligence. as the most exclusive of all devices across the ‘mate 10 series’, it combines porsche design’s aesthetic craft with huawei’s mobile engineering expertise.

a new 6-inch screen with 18:9 aspect ratio, barely-there-bezels and HDR10 technology make for an intensely vivid viewing experience with brighter colors

the porsche design huawei mate 10’s unique front and back cover are entirely encased in elegant yet robust glass and come in a luxurious and exclusive diamond black color. in addition to its distinctive look, the device goes beyond smart, using the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) to herald the dawn of an exciting new era for mobile phones. with built-in dedicated AI processor and machine learning, the porsche design huawei mate 10 is an intelligent device.

3D curved glass design, large almost borderless FullView and smudge-proof finish result in an ergonomic object that is strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear

as well as ultimate functional design, it delivers superior performance at lightning speed, responding to real-world situations and learning from the user, allowing them to perform at their ultimate. this includes a camera which features the best lenses, self-adjustment, intelligent feedback and AI enabled photo applications as well as a PRO mode to deliver unparalleled photography for users of all levels. furthermore, with a combination of 6GB RAM and 256GB ROM it is the high-end device in huawei’s current product range. it features the largest memory cortex of the whole huawei mate 10 Series, ideal for storing numerous photos, videos and documents.

easy talk technology means even the faintest whisper spoken into the porsche design huawei mate 10 will be heard clearly at the other end

top quality 12-megapixel RGB and 20-megapixel monochrome with the world’s largest f/1.6 aperture dual lenses in the new leica dual camera, along with huawei’s AI features, enable state-of-the-art photographs. powered by AI technology, the camera takes photography to the next level, from artistic to intelligent, identifying different scenes in real time – such as plant, snow, beach, and portrait. it automatically adjusts the color, contrast, brightness and exposure to produce vibrant, sharp, perfectly framed photographs. it delivers AI-powered ‘bokeh’ effect by shifting the focal point onto the subject of the photograph for picture-perfect portraits and selfies, and is even capable of capturing clear and sharp pictures of objects in motion.

the pre-installed real-time ai accelerated translator instantly translates text, voice, conversations, and images into 50+ languages across devices