BMW’s active hybrid e-bicycle fuses hybrid car engineering with bike design


the ‘active hybrid’ e-bicycle sees BMW lifestyle writing the next chapter in the german-automaker’s bikes collection, and demonstrates how innovative technology and sophisticated design can come together into an aesthetically pleasing concept.

BMW’s active hybrid e-bicycle captures the imagination with both its technical components and its design. the motor and battery are fully integrated into the hydroformed aluminum frame, highlighting the bike’s elegantly sporty silhouette. the frame’s profile is accentuated by the familiar ‘bullneck’, and the ‘frozen’ black and ‘arctic’ silver paintwork.

the bicycle comes equipped with a revised drive concept. the advanced brose electric motor can be activated as required to supplement the rider’s pedal power. producing output of 250 W and 90 Nm (66 lb-ft) of torque, the motor injects extra dynamism and agility. providing the energy for the electric pedal assistance – over a range of up to 100 km (62 miles) – is a removable 504 Wh battery. the rider can adjust the degree of pedal assistance via a display, comprised of four different power modes — from ‘eco’ (+50%) to ‘turbo’ (+275%) — and can be selected up to a maximum 25 km/h (16 mph). plus, a micro USB socket and bluetooth function allows the rider to hook up their smartphone up to the bike.

e-bikes place very specific demands on their saddles, which is why saddle maker selle royale commissioned BMW group’s subsidiary designworks to develop a saddle tailored specifically to the requirements of e-bikers. the form of the ‘ezone’ is based on a zonal concept fine-tuned to the particular attributes of e-bikes and the need profiles of their riders. a short nose, a rising seat surface at the rear and moving side wings create a stable seating position and improve balance when pushing off and braking. meanwhile, a fiberglass handle integrated into the underside of the saddle makes the heavier bike easier to move around.

the ‘active hybrid e-bike’s’ mudguards provides further evidence of how this exacting approach has been applied across the smallest details. the LED light integrated into the aluminum mudguard over the rear wheel maximizes safety and adds a final design flourish.