Toyota Presents the GR HV Concept at Tokyo Motor Show 2017


toyota unveils the ‘GR HV’ sports concept car at its worldwide premiere at the 45th tokyo motor show 2017. the ‘GR HV’ sports concept represents a new way to enjoy cars by integrating the thrill of a sports car with the environmental friendliness of an eco-car.

all images © toyota


toyota’s ‘GR HV’s’ design is reminiscent of toyota gazoo racing’s ‘TS050‘ hybrid racing car that competes in the world endurance championship. the form evokes the japanese-automaker’s bond with motor sports, while the matte black body color expresses power and aggressiveness. the concept is powered by a ‘THS-R’ (toyota hybrid system-racing) engine that is infused with hybrid technology refined by the ‘TS050’. it features a targa top that was also used for the toyota’s convertibles, the ‘supra’ and the ‘sports 800’ (a.k.a. yotahachi). while completely embodying functionality as a genuine sports car, the ‘GR HV’ features LED headlights, aluminum wheels, and a rear diffuser also similar to the ‘TS050’.

the concepts interior achieves a racing car-like ambience with a selection switch to choose the automatic gear position located in the center cluster, while a push button ignition switch is playfully located on the shift knob. switching to ‘manual’ mode is possible with the single press of a button, and six-speed ‘manual-style’ driving with H-pattern automatic gear shifting. drivers can feel the performance of the ‘THS-R’ in a genuine sports car while experiencing a sense of freedom with a targa convertible top. the hybrid battery is mounted near the center of vehicle, optimizing the concepts weight distribution and performance as a sports car.