1969 Chevrolet Camaro G-Code Custom Muscle Car by Ringbrothers


dubbed the ‘G-code’, ringbrother’s chervolet ‘camaro’ is a bespoke, 1,000 horsepower iteration of the classic car from 1969. every part is customized including the bumpers and the grille, while the hood is crafted using hand-laid carbon fiber. to highlight its body work, it was painted in a custom hue named ‘blue print’.

all images © ring brothers

beneath ringbrother’s project ‘G-code’s’ hood sits a ‘LS3’ motor from chevrolet, beefed up with a whipper supercharger to increase its output up to 1,000 hp. all of its ponies are then sent through a bowler ‘tremec’ six-speed transmission and a centerforce clutch. exhaust is expelled through a set of custom headers designed in-house and then into a bespoke flowmaster stainless steel exhaust system.

but this 1969 custom muscle car isn’t all about straight-line speed. to make sure it was equally as adept at cornering, the wisconsin-based garage used a detroit speed full-suspension setup featuring a hydro-form front clip and quadra-link rear with afco shocks on all four corners. the ringbrothers collaborated with HRE performance wheels in california to design a custom set of forged wheels, inspired by the iroc-z camaro wheels from the 1980s.

the cabin of the first generation camaro was carefully designed with driver comfort in mind. the ‘G-code’s’ brown leather interior upholstery was custom crafted by upholstery unlimited and is kept at the perfect temperature with a vintage air climate control system.