The Ford Earth Roamer XV-HD Camper van Accomodates the Entire Family


earthroamer’s ford ‘XV-HD’ is a bigger, roomier version of the ultra high-end camper van built for bigger families. the colorado-based company’s current ‘XV-LT‘ model has been a success with 150 vehicles on the road, each with a highly-refined sense of comfort. with the ‘XV-HD’ it takes the luxury off-grid concept to new heights. featuring massive solar arrays, a huge battery bank, 46” military tires, 200 gallons of fresh water, washer/dryer, and more all on a four-wheel drive ‘F-650’ chassis, the ‘HD’ is the ultimate adventure rig.

all images © earth roamer

the earth roamer ‘XV-HD’ is a 35 foot (10.7 m) motorhome based on the ford ‘F-650’ with a 330 hp 6.7-liter diesel V8 engine. designed to accommodate up to eight people and boasting burly off-grid/off-road capabilities, the ‘HD’ provides an alternative for campers looking to explore rural environments without sacrificing space or amenities. the facial expression of the ‘F-650’ gives the ‘HD’ a meaner, more industrial look when compared to the everyday pick-up truck series. like the existing earthroamers, its cabin will be built from fiberglass composite, however, it will make use of a new vacuum infusion construction process for the first time. the chassis doesn’t come with four-wheel drive, so the colarado-automaker will install its own, ensuring that the ‘HD’ wont’t get stuck in the mud. the company also plans to make other mechanical modifications, such as adding air ride suspension.