The U-Boat Worx Cruise 5-1700 Series Personal Submarine


U-boat worx’s cruise ‘5-1700’ series is the world’s deepest diving five-person submarine. with the ability to reach depths up to 1,700 meters, each submersible comes equipped with two huge acrylic spheres that lets deep sea explorers take in panoramic views of the world beneath the water.

all images © U-boat worx

U-boat worx’s cruise ‘5-1700’ personal submarine lets people dive virtually anywhere in the world to 1,700 meters, while it can be equipped with options like manipulator arms, or underwater cameras, for research or to document the wonders that are hidden at these depths. this multipurpose sub meets the demands and needs of private explorers, research organisations, and other subsea professionals. as with all of the dutch manufacturer’s submersibles, the views taken through its impressive and spacious acrylic sphere is unmatched. with a compact, pressure-tolerant battery system, the ‘5-1700’ has more than twice the battery capacity than most other submarines – an important characteristic for deep-sea diving. safely descending to, and ascending from, depths of up to 1,700 meters requires less time due to the sub’s strategically placed vertical thrusters and its CFD-optimized design.