Vacuum Manufacturer Dyson to Build an Electric Car by 2020!


When we think of electric cars, Tesla is the first company that comes to mind. But it isn’t everyday we associate Dyson to cars. In a surprise Twitter post for many, CEO James Dyson announced an investment of £2.5bn  for the manufacture of Dyson’s future electric car.

What is Dyson?

Dyson is known for its home appliances specializing in vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and fans to name a few.

These are Dyson’s fan-less fans

Over the years, its products have benefited from a great deal of engineering. Improvements to fluid dynamics and battery technologies now has led to the CEO believing a “radically different” electric car is possible.

Is there a prototype?

Ambitious as it may sound, there is no prototype to showcase the car’s technologies just yet. The company believes the market for electric cars is extremely fierce with there being no margin to leak their confidential technologies at present.

Is Dyson targeting Tesla with its electric car?

However, that does not mean no work is in progress. A team of 400 qualified engineers have been working on the project since 2015. A sum of £2bn is being invested, £1bn of which is on the car’s battery. Dyson claims there are two battery types currently being tested both of which are more efficient than those found on current electrical cars.

When can you get it?

While around 2020 is when the company aims to bring the car to public, an accurate date for projects like these is hard to predict. CEO James Dyson did hint at the pricing of the vehicle though. He warned consumers saying the car is going to be expensive and urged them contemplate how much of an investment they would be willing to make.

CEO James Dyson says its electric car will not come cheap

Even though the wait is long, we are already excited. Dyson has a rich experience in making unique products and its electric car will be nothing short. At least we hope. As far as what other manufacturers think, we have just over two years to find out. In any case though, the market for electric cars is looking like a win-win for consumers.

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