Ducati Monster S4R Warthog Mille Custom Motorcycle by Anvil Motociclette


anvil motociclette’s ‘warthog mille’ custom motorcycle is a striking build with an aggressive style and superbike levels of performance. based on the ducati ‘monster S4R’, it is now redressed in a hand-made monocoque body that celebrates its sharp-edged welding. created by phonz and san marco, owners of milan-based workshop anvil motociclette, it has the same unwavering focus on aesthetics and proportions that have grown to be signature of the company.

all images © anvil motociclette

anvil motociclette started designing its attractive ‘warthog mille’ with very few customer limitations, leaving plenty of freedom both in design, and in the motorcycle concept — the only guidelines it received was to create a very aggressive bike with a unique design and exceptional performance. first, it stripped the ducati ‘monster S4R’ down to its bare bones, leaving just the angry L-twin engine and the steel trellis frame on the shop floor. the triangle forms of the trellis frame have influenced the bike’s new sharp-edged airbox cover. working in collaboration with officine italiane zard, what appears to be the fuel tank is in fact just an airbox cover, while the fuel is now stored in a bespoke tank beneath the seat, with the fuel filler cap on top of the tail. the fuel injection system meant that all of the lines were re-engineered, and made to run rearward, while a hidden external fuel-pump works without compromizing the internal capacity of the new tank. the majority of ‘warthog mille’s’ components are polished and repainted to let the ducati shimmer elegantly. impressionante e bellisima!

before: the original ducati ‘monster S4R’

after: the ‘warthog mille’ custom motorcycle