1970 Dodge Charger Tantrum Custom Muscle car by Speedkore


boasting 1,650 horsepower beneath the hood, the dodge ‘charger tantrum‘ by speedkore is a bespoke, carbon fiber-clad iteration of the classic car from 1970. similarly to the blacked-out ‘shakedown challenger’, it weaves together design cues from the past and present to form a truly unique creation.

all images © speedkore

dubbed the ‘tantrum’, speedkore performance’s 1970 dodge ‘charger’s’ all black front fenders, hood, valances, bumpers and marker light assemblies are all formed from pre-preg carbon fiber. along with copious amounts of carbon, the muscle car also features a custom grille crafted from a 72-inch block of solid aluminum, and hand-crafted metal and aluminum bodywork where the raw carbon fiber is woven into a stunning pure black paint job. at the vehicle’s rear the tail panel was custom CNC’d and makes use of lights from a 2014 ‘challenger’.

beneath the 1970 ‘charger’s’ hood sits a ‘QC4V’ engine setup from mercury racing, a marine company that’s been powering watercrafts for over 75 years. this engine is a 90-degree 9.0-liter double overhead cam V8 that is fed by a pair of 94 mm turbochargers — the heavy duty setup produces an astonishing 1,650 horsepower. the custom chassis runs a roadster shop front-clip that is altered and reinforced to handle the power, while the rear features a custom four-link setup that surrounds the 9-inch differential. that’s in addition to the  fabrication that includes frame rails, inner fenders, floors, and roll bar, all of which have beenwater-jetted, or laser cut in-house.

when it came to designing the muscle car’s interior, speedkore wanted to achieve a balance between something that looks modern, but not so high-tech it looks like a spacecraft. designer sean smith sketched out some ideas which were then put into CAD, before being CNC’d to create the final product. like the exterior, plenty of carbon fiber is present in the cockpit of the dodge, with a bespoke alcantara and leather trim crafted by gabe’s custom interiors. finishing touches include a custom instrument panel, and a black-finished billet specialties steering wheel complementing the rest of the cabin.