Priestmangoode Reveals initial Concept for Hyperloop Transportation at London Design Festival


during the 2017 london design festival, leading design consultancy priestmangoode reveals the behind-the-scenes workings of its design process at design frontiers at somerset house. the exhibition featured at the event, ‘please don’t feed the designers’ is a recreation of the innovative company’s design studio. a leading team of designers, from product to materials specialists and virtual reality visualisers, will show visitors the thinking, research, prototyping and design that has established the design company as the world’s leading transport and aviation design studio.

image © hyperloop transportation technology

the centrepiece of the exhibition is the first visual of priestmangoode’s initial concept for hyperloop transportation technologies. the design will continue to be developed over the course of the exhibition, allowing visitors to see first hand the design considerations that go into creating the future of transport. HTT commissioned priestmangoode to produce a design vision, to ensure the passenger experience lies at the heart of the project.

HTT’s passenger capsule will be manufactured using Vibranium™, a proprietary material developed by HTT to ensure passenger safety. HTT is manufacturing the capsule in collaboration with carbures S.A., which is a leading expert in fuselage and advanced materials construction in both aeronautics and aerospace sector. carbures S.A. began construction of HTT’s passenger capsule earlier this year. the final specs for the capsule are:


length: 30 meters (98.5 feet)
diameter: 2.7 meters (9 feet)
weight: 20 tons
passenger capacity: 28-40
speed: up to 1223 km/h (760 mph)

‘hyperloop is one of the most exciting developments in transportation in over a century, and developing the next generation transportation system has the potential to transform the way we travel across countries and connect the world.’ explains paul priestman, designer and chairman of priestmangoode, ‘we keep the user at the heart of everything we do, and know how to create environments that benefit the individual as well as the collective.’

image © london design festival