Video: Woman brings four sacks of cash, buys car worth $30,004


The staff at the car dealership spent over an hour in counting the money

Leaving the staff at a local car dealership shocked, a woman turned up to buy a car with four sacks of cash in China.

To add to their surprise, the woman had 1-yuan currency notes totalling 130,000 yuan (approximately $19,502). The staff at the car dealership had to spend over an hour to finish counting the money.

The woman works in the construction business, according to a post on Trending in China’s Twitter page.

In a video that has gone viral, one of the employees who counted the loose change said, “The buyer called me asking if she can pay in small bills. I said ‘yeah, of course’. Then she called saying ‘come carry the cash for me’. I opened her car trunk and saw 4 bags of 1-yuan notes.”

The incident reportedly took place at a Honda car dealership in Binzhou, Shandong Province.

The woman bought the car worth $30,004 and paid the remaining money via mobile banking.

Watch the video below: