mercedes-maybach 6 cabriolet concept: the study of a 6 meter electric vehicle


at this year’s gathering of marvelous classic cars in pebble beach, california, mercedes-benz has showcased its exclusive ‘vision mercedes-maybach 6’ concept, a sensational luxury-class cabriolet. the two seater pays homage to the glorious age of the aero coupés and consciously carries this tradition forward into the future. the convertible reinterprets classic, emotional design principles in an extreme way. the ‘vision mercedes-maybach 6’, which measures almost six metres in length, is designed as an electric automobile. the drive system has an output of 550 kW (750 hp). the shallow underfloor battery allows a range of over 500 kilometres according to the NEDC (over 200 miles according to EPA).

all images © mercedes-benz

with its sensual emotional designand intelligent details, the electric ‘mercedes-maybach 6 cabriolet concept’ represents the ultimate in luxury. the classic aesthetic proportions of the show car – the extremely long bonnet, the low roof line and the rearward positioning of the greenhouse — recall the aero coupés of days gone by. but this is not retro design — this is mercedes’ reinterpretation of classic, aesthetic principles. at the same time the design is something unexpectedly new: cool, technoid and understated. this is exemplified by the aerodynamically intelligent basic shape. even without spoilers, the airflow hugs the contours of the vehicle body and only breaks away very late at the tail end of the vehicle. then there is the surprisingly functional character of the narrow lights, and the rose gold rims. clearly defined contours and organically formed wings stand in contrast to the sharply drawn, extended feature line on each side which defines the upper vehicle body from the radiator grille across the entire length of the vehicle to the rear. below this, the main body has a bulging, muscular look, extending across the entire flank. there is also a striking contrast between the maybach, dark ‘nautical blue metallic’ paintwork, and the chrome strips which sit above the wheel arches and in the centre of the bonnet and boot lid.

the extended, round ‘boat tail’ format of the ‘vision mercedes-maybach 6’ cabriolet’s rear recalls a luxury yacht, and narrow tail lights which emphasise the width of the vehicle are integrated in its outer edges. further distinctive features at the rear include the diffuser with aluminum frame and the air outlets behind the wheel arches. the transition between the vehicle rear, the area of the boot lid and the interior boasts a flowing design. crystal white high-quality nappa leather creates an exciting contrast to the dark paint finish. the custom-made fabric top with interwoven rose gold threads has been coordinated with the look of the vehicle.

with the luxurious interior of the electric ‘vision’ vehicle, mercedes demonstrates a new synthesis of intelligence and emotion. at the same time, the designers have combined the unique tradition of the brand with a hitherto unknown high-tech experience. the generous, flowing design idiom brings exterior and interior together in a holistic design. the formal flow of the areas from the rear into the interior gives rise to a typical yacht feeling. a light wing flows in a curve across the door trim and the centre tunnel into the seat landscape, creating a 360° open-air luxury lounge. the new ‘inside out’ spatial design adds a particularly special feature. the sitting surface forms a horizontal plane, transitions into the vertical plane of the doors and finally becomes the underside of the dashboard wing.

in addition to the flowing contours, the material composition produces a luxury experience of the highest order. here, too, the interplay of the contrasts is both hot and cool. rose gold adorns the trim elements, or the surfaces which come into contact with the skin, and feature a lavish, quilted crystal white nappa leather finish. in this luxury technique, familiar among other things from chesterfield furniture, the leather is put into folds in a diamond pattern and secured to the frame with buttons. in the case of the ‘mercedes-maybach 6’, this traditional seat upholstery boasts a futuristic interpretation: each individual button of the quilting depicts a delicate mercedes star, backlit in blue. the open-pore wood floor with inlaid aluminium underscores the lounge sensation and the connection to yachting.