ICON 1000 three martini lunch motorcycle transforms triumph thruxton


adorning a verdoro green color stripe down its flank, the ICON 1000 ‘three martini lunch’ motorcycle blends together retro style with modern engineering. a 2014 model triumph thruxton has been transformed into a british-esque vintage road racer, most signified by its 1960s influenced paint. its body defines a hard-edged aesthetic, leading from its front with an ‘X’ patterned headlight to the rear with a sharp extended tail.

the vintage motorcycle is defined by its verdoro green color, as well as its ‘X’ patterned front headlight
all images and video courtesy of ICON 1000

the ICON 1000 ‘three martini lunch’ motorcycle is a retrograde engineered design, referencing a vintage style but equipped to deliver the highest of performance. fuelled by a precise 6:1 premix blend, the motorbike sits on trusted KZ1000 wheels that are attached to harley forks. it then enhances nitron suspension, EBC brakes and large, swollen avon tyres to complete its mechanics.

the former 2014 model triumph thruxton now appears like a british-esque vintage road racer

the handbrakes feature a crazy eye detail on each of their tips

the ICON 1000 ‘three martini lunch’ two-wheeler enhances nitron suspension

EBC brakes help ensure that the motorcycle performs to the highest level