the elbike is a custom electric bicycle with a slick aluminum frame


sporting a premium, minimalist aesthetic, the ‘elbike’ is an affordable electric bicycle that comes equipped with a 250 watt motor. created by mike glaser, inventor and CEO of custom singlespeed bicycle company urbike, his latest creation is capable of hitting a top speed of 32 km/h (20 mph) effortlessly.


all images © elbike

the ‘elbike‘ look is based on the same model as the urbike company, as riders can customize their e-bike from the choice of 200 colors to create a unique design based on their personal tastes. thanks to its svelte frame it can easily be confused for a sleek city bike at first glance, apart from its heavy front hub engine. this is made in germany by ansmann AG, and is paired with a removable 36 V rechargeable battery that offers up to 80 km riding distance (50 km at full speed) with a full recharge time of approximately 6 hours. meanwhile six adjustable speed-levels offer cyclists flexible and practical speed control.

the ‘elbike’ has been designed in three different sizes — 54, 58, and 62 — for different riders. it comes outfitted with shimano ‘M425’ break levers and breaks, and shimano ‘RT26’ discs for enhanced riding safety. the electric bike’s adjustable leather saddle and grips provide a comfortable riding experience, while adding a premium feel. the smart e-bike also features an integrated display that allows riders to track the status of their bike’s battery life.

elbike has already comfortably surpassed its crowdfunding targer on kickstarter, which can be viewed in detail here.