Royal Enfield Custom Surf Racer by Sinroja Motorcycles


sinroja motorcycles’ ‘surf’ racer starts with a royal enfield ‘continental GT’, and strips it back to the essence of a café racer — creating a super-light retro racing experience. built by two brothers from england, rahul and birju sinroja, their studio specializes in giving old airhead motorcycles a new lease of life.

all images © sinroja motorcycles

simple yet bold graphics express an stylish and artistic approach to racing heritage in the ‘surf racer’, emphasized by premium materials and high level of quality details, a sinroja motorcycles hallmark that adds a truly premium feel. at the core of custom royal enfield ‘continental GT’ is a tuned motor, taking the original 535 cc single motor and adding a higher lift cam, machined piston barrels for higher compression, and a new inlet manifold. air gets sucked in through a dellorto carburetor conversion, and spent gasses are fired out the under seat ‘jet’ style tail exhaust. a half fairing floating above black 17” performance rims, with upside down forks, and an under engine rear shock gives its rider the feeling of a speeding bullet. the brothers have built the perfect machine for racing the sunset.