Video: Pilot Lands Plane ‘Blind’ After Hailstones Damage Windscreen


The hailstones were “as big as hen’s eggs” and badly shattered the jet.

A pilot managed to land a plane with 127 tourists blindly after giant hailstones badly damaged the plane’s nose and windscreen.

In the video below, we can see the extent of the damage the hailstones caused on the plane.

The Ukrainian pilot Alexander Akopov managed to save 121 passengers and six crew member onboard with his landing. The video footage showcases Akopov’s bold move as he brings the Airbus A320 to land safely at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.

Captain Akopov has said that the hailstones were “as big as hen’s eggs” which disabled the autopilot. Clearly, the jet suffered damage after being pelted with giant hailstones mid-air.

He has been flying for 30 years but this surely is a flight to remember.