NASA Uploads Historical Collection of Flight Footage on youtube


NASA’s armstrong flight research center in california has uploaded their collection of flight footage dating back to 1940. this historical archive—featuring hundreds of videos—is now public on youtube for anyone with an interest in NASA’s test flights and strange planes. the moving images offer a difficult to find take into the experimentation the aeronautics agency has been doing for the past years. by placing the videos on youtube, enthusiasts will have the chance to get lost in hours of footage.

the B-720 is seen viewed moments after impact and just before hitting the wing openers

NASA’s armstrong research center has uploaded a total of 300 videos to their youtube channel, but it is estimated that another 200 will be soon available to the public. the collection includes videos of the late 1950’s X-1 #3 being dropped from a B-50 superfortress at an altitude of about 35,000 feet; a 1960’s video of the mothership drop test of an M-2 lifting body model; an a 33-second video from 1963 showing the M2-F1 being towered by a pontiac catalina convertible across dry lakebed at edwards, california amongst others.

people and equipment supporting the flight of the NACA d-558-2 skyrocket at the high-speed flight station

#837 banks during ACTIVE project flight

F-8 digital fly-by-wire in flight

flight research center engineer r. dale reed has long used free-flight models to test new concepts