Avionics V1 is a Minimalist Electric Bike Built From Raw Materials


aircraft electronics company avionics is on the verge of releasing its own distictive electric bike. sporting a retro aesthetic, the ‘V1’ features a saddle, motor case, headlight bucket, and brake levers, that are all crafted from jatoba wood.

all images © avionics

avionics’ V1 electric bike is the final iteration of an idea from when the the blah-company’s founders jaromir and bartek met a couple of years ago. with a shared passion for the early days of aviation and motoring, the designers and engineers combined their knowledge to create an electric bicycle that’s perfectly representative of the contemporary era through its design, while representing the future with its practical approach and functionality.

in this modern age where the naturally-aspirated engine is planned to be replaced with electric power, we also arrive at the fact that electric vehicles are as old as the motoring industry itself. the avionics ‘V1’ imagines what our motorized products would have looked and functioned like a century ago, if electricity as a medium for driving vehicles had today’s powers and efficiencies.

the avionics ‘V1’ electric bike is made from a combination of wood, steel, and leather. the steel forms the elegant frame which also integrates a leaf spring-style arch between the wooden saddle and the front of the bicycle, for added rider comfort. the power unit, saddle and headlight casing are all crafted from wood, while the handebar grips and fork covers are cut from supple, brown leather. the design takes a minimalistic approach, while celebrating raw materials.

for power, the avionics ‘V1’ features a 5,000 watt brushless electric motor that is connected to a 24.0 ah lithium-ion battery, creating a maximum range of 120 km/h in ‘street’ mode. the power unit provides a decent range of 75 km, and can be charged to full capacity in 2 – 3 hours, while featuring brake energy regeneration. this energy boost comes from a set of heavy, 203 mm discs that are mounted at the front, and rear, of the stylish electric bike.