Tired of Early Flights? Try Cabin’s Sleeper Bus for Long-Distance Traveling


elon musk’s hyperloop may be the next step to future travel but while it’s still under development, we want to highlight an already existing and functional one—the cabin sleeper bus. founded by tom currier and gaetano crupi, cabin is a new startup that takes you from los angeles to san francisco (or vice versa) during the night, combining sleep and travel. something like a hotel on wheels, cabin offers a reasonable cost and probably a more comfortable alternative.

cabin is a hotel on wheels that takes travelers overnight from los angeles to san francisco (and vice versa)

cabin is a moving hotel that consolidates both transportation and accommodation into one simple experience. the fleet of custom-designed vehicles fits a total of 24 passengers in personal pod-like cabins. travelers are given both sheets and pillows, as well as complimentary earplugs, free wifi, coffee and tea. full-time attendants make sure each guest has everything they need and a lounge is also available during the whole journey. with two pieces of luggage permitted, one-way fares start at US$115.

the personal cabin design assures privacy and comfort

guests are treated to complimentary water, tea, coffee and wifi

cabin aims to be an alternative to early flights by offering a comfortable overnight ride