The Caterham Brutus 750 All-Terrain Motorcycle


dubbed the SUV of motorcycles, the ‘brutus’ is a fat tired all-terrain bike from british light-weight car manufacturer caterham. featuring a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 750 cc single engine, it looks like the caterham bike team took the classified moto ‘bigwheel 650‘ and mated it with a lotus ‘C01‘.

all images © caterham

caterham’s brutus ‘750’ comes with an impressive set of 26 inch wheels, with knobby tires. they are extra-wide and designed to cross sand and snow, and according to the company it can even be converted to a snowmobile. suchlike the name, the whole bike is a heavyweight weighing slightly more than 500 pounds (235 kilograms). with its ability to cross almost any terrain, the SUV offers a flexible, simple ride through a water-cooled 750 cc single-cylinder engine. this creates a comfortable 50 hp, which delivers its power through an automatic gearbox. the brutus ‘750’ blends the spirit of motorcycling, with quadbike capabilities, as a true multi-terrain bike.