Happy Design Studio Models the CARBONEUM Jet With Spirits of Race and Power


designed by didier wolff, happy design studio’s owner, specially fitted for the bombardier global express XRS body shapes, the CARBONEUM is an all time fierce-looking jet. enhanced with honey comb patterns, the engines show elegance and technology, with the overall ferrari grey color adding a touch of supremacy to the flight experience.

CARBONEUM jet modeled by happy design studio

as wolff describes it, ‘CARBONEUM is a reminder that white is not a paint option for a jet but the painter’s canvas on which a specific temper will be translated’entirely executed by hand, walter maurer and martin dippel from the design & airbrushing company A.S.A.P aviation painted the so difficult carbon effect on the tail with a striking 3D rendering. finally, partnering in this project is the RUAG aviation in munich which provides one-stop shop solutions, performing all required services within one single downtime — adapted to suit individual customer schedules.

clear coat application on the CARBONEUM

didier wolff of happy design studio

martin Dippel, a professional airbrush artist, founder member of A.S.A.P AVIATION

walter maurer, a professional artist, designer and varnisher

base coat application

3D honeycombs stencils made on site