Volvo Parent Company Geely Buys Flying Car Firm Terrafugia

volvo‘s parent company geely has made the concept of a flying car a closer reality by buying flying car startup terrafugia. the company’s airplane ‘transition‘ – which was first approved last year by the general aviation administration – opens up new development for future hybrid vehicles.


it is not yet stated how much the chinese firm geely has paid for terrafugia, however it is set to be a step-up towards this futuristic method of transport. at present ‘transition’ is deemed to be one of the most realistic prototypes in development. the car holds a cruising range of 400 miles and a top speed of 100 mph. the second car proposed by terrafugia is the ‘TF-X‘ which still uses folding wings but instead proposes a more advanced version of the previous model. now with geely purchasing the company, more funding will be poured into the project making home-to-sky take-off an even closer reality.