The Important Reason Why You Should Never Boil Broccoli


© Getty Stop boiling your broccoli. Honestly, you must.

The reason is because most of the vegetable’s brilliant nutrients are lost in the bubbling water. Cooking methods alter the composition of the nutritional values in food.

Boiling veg – especially for a considerable amount of time – is quite savage when it comes to releasing the good stuff. It’s why the water goes green after bubbling away on the hob – that’s broccoli’s disease-fighting powers wasted (unless you fancy a drink, or use it for veg stock).

This knowledge has been around a while, but it’s been rekindled as summer arrives and everyone starts trying to eat healthily.

Broccoli science

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A 2011 science paper confirmed the fact that cooking techniques may lose the helpful antioxidants found in broccoli. It’s one of a handful of veg supremely sensitive to boiling.

As NPR Food writes: “If cooked more than a few minutes, broccoli’s antioxidants aren’t as adept at knocking out carcinogens that cause cancer. And if you want broccoli to do just that – fight cancer.

“A lot of other vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and valuable chemicals that can be unlocked or blocked, depending on preparation and the foods they’re eaten with,” Allison Aubrey, reports.

You should steam broccoli instead

© Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Getty Various vegetables are best cooked in different ways. And we’re not saying you absolutely have to stick to rules – different flavours come about through different methods.

But with broccoli, it’s certainly best to avoid boiling. A far better way is to steam, as the veg cooks, but doesn’t release nearly as much nutrients in the process. With boiling, water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C and B leak out, which doesn’t happen as much through steaming.