Cirrus SF50 Vision Personal Jet Soars Above All Private Aircraft


after more than a decade of development, cirrus aircraft begins delivering its new ‘SF50 vision jet’ to more than 600 customers who’ve been waiting patiently for it. the ‘SF50 vision’ is the first private jet with only a single engine, and it can also be flown by a single pilot, both of which help to keep production and operating costs low. the V-tailed aircraft is both the smallest, and the most affordable, personal jet in the world.

all images © cirrus aircraft

cirrus aircraft‘s ‘SP50 vision jet’ can fly five adults up to 1,150 miles at 28,000 feet, while soaring through skies at 345 mph (555 km/h) — that’s quick enough to travel from miami to new york in just three hours. it has a maximum operating altitude of 28 000 feet, and can take off in just over 2000 feet of runway. despite its diminutive size, the ‘SP50’ jet offers a huge amount of innovations. it’s the only private jet to be built entirely out of carbon fiber, the only single-engine private jet with a whole-plane parachute in case of emergencies, which the manufacturer says has saved more than 100 lives.

inside the cirrus personal jet’s cabin, there’s room for up to five adults plus two children. there are USB charging ports integrated into every seat, an in-flight entertainment system, plus extra mood lighting. the cockpit features a panoramic windshield for maximum visibility, and a slew of garmin ‘avionics’ touchscreen-displays.