Luxury Camping Pod Concept influenced by Mini Cooper’s F60 Countryman

international advertizing company anomaly in collaboration with fabian mazzola of bitlens studio create a luxury camping pod influenced by mini cooper‘s F60 countryman. the concept reflects mini cooper’s philosophy and takes the car’s compact, round shape. the pod features a completely functional living space, a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

all images © bitlens studio

bitlens studio + anomaly‘s award-winning concept camping pod is self-sustainable and clad in weather-sealed material, giving it the ability to withstand a multitude of climates. although compact, the pod includes the necessary amenities that one can find in their own home. ‘this idea came up as I wanted to create an idea, an illusion of a futuristic pod that came with all the accommodations a home has’ explains the designer.

the creators placed the pod in different environments to highlight the compactness of the design

the portable camping pod nestled in a valley

the compact pod overlooking a breathtaking mountaintop

the minimalist compact structure can weather various climates

the kitchen

the award winning design is the perfect place for couple looking for a peaceful getaway

the concept pod clad in dark oak wood

a sectional view of the pod

the pod features a full sized bathroom