The Dual Camera Features Two Rotating Lenses for Switching Pespectives

film cameras, such as the polaroid ‘pop‘, offer instant tangibility when sharing moments with friends and family. the ‘dual’ instant camera has a rotating lens system with both a 24mm lens for landscape photography, and a 50mm lens for portraits, offering people the chance to switch lenses depending on the scene. designed by jordan steranka, creator of the ‘aperture wrench‘, he promises that this camera design should offer an alternative to carrying around a heavy photography bag.

all images jordan © steranka

jordan steranka’s ‘dual’ camera gives photographers the ability to save immediately, or save it for later, by simply viewing it in the library and selecting ‘print’. for group photos and copies, it also allows for multiple prints of images. users can also save any photo from the library straight to a mobile device to save, or share on social media. saving a digital copy of printed photographs offers flexibility, just like his rotating lens system.

with a simple flip the 24 mm wide angle landscape lens rotates with the 50 mm telephoto portrait lens. on the front the camera features a touch screen with four dedicated buttons to choose between the four core functionalties. this includes accessing the library of photos, adjusting the camera’s settings, photo presets loaded through lightroom, and sharing to mobile devices.