EMotion Electric Car by Fisker to be Launched in 2019


renowned car designer henrik fisker who’s creating his new car company, is returning with the ’emotion’, an ultra-luxury electric vehicle with a range of 400 miles and a top speed of 161 mph. the ’emotion’s’ photographs, not renders, show the vehicle’s aerodynamic silhouette, low-slung hood, and tapered back end, formed of aluminum and carbon fiber.

all images © fisker inc.

the expected battery range of the fisker ’emotion’ — 400 miles — is pretty impressive, considering that’s more than 100 miles over a tesla. it features has a patented ‘frontal crash structure’ designed to boost safety, uses patented ‘fast-charge’ technology to gain 100 miles of range in just nine minutes, and has carbon fiber and aluminum wheels for decreased mass and its high range. and according to the company the luxury electric vehicle will be fully autonomous, however further details, such as whether the vehicle’s self-driving features are best suited to highways only, or also in urban environments, remain to be revealed.

the front end’s bright aluminum centerpiece houses a LIDAR system behind a tinted screen, while the ’emotion’s’ side mirrors conceal two cameras, which enable panoramic, 360-degree views to the driver. fisker inc. won’t be shipping this car before 2019, but as you can see, it’s shaping up to be an attractive electric vehicle.

danish-born henrik fisker originally helped with the design of various iconic cars including the aston martin ‘V8 vantage’ and ‘DB9’. he then started his own EV company called fisker automotive, which eventually fizzled out and sold to chinese automotive parts company wanxiang, where it was rebranded as karma automotive.