action mobil XRS 7200 expedition vehicle is a penthouse on wheels


the action mobil ‘XRS 7200’ features  23 sq. ft of living space, satellite TV, a washer and dryer, and a lift at the back to carry a motorcycle. created by action mobile in saalfelden am steinernen meer, austria, this oversized campervan combines six-driven-wheels with a luxurious living space that has the feel of a penthouse. the ‘XRS 7200’ has all of the amenities you need to set up basecamp anywhere on earth.

all images © action mobile

as impressive as its rugged exterior is, action mobil’s spacious, home-like interior is just as impressive from its elegant look with rich, grained paneling, stone flooring, counters and tabletops, LED lighting, and metal trim. food can be found in the single or dual 175 l refrigerators and single 150 l freezer, all insulated by the austrian manufacturer. the central kitchen area can cooks meals on a gaggenau induction cooktop and steam oven. a miele washer-dryer unit can keep a family’s clothes fresh throughout extended journeys. action mobil can even install a rear motorcycle lift, where a hydraulically controlled rack lowers down to drop a nimble, two-wheeled vehicle to the driver.

the ‘XRS 7200’s’ interior design includes an expanded sitting, eating and sleeping space via a second, smaller convertible dinette towards the front of two-berth master suite located at the rear. behind the alcantara-trimmed driver’s cab, the bathroom features a soft-closing bidet toilet, sink, and shower. for extended adventures off the grid, the ‘7200’ can entertain its occupants with a 40 in HD TV, apple TV, a bose audio system, and a massive hard drive for storing multimedia content. it also comes equipped with a satellite internet connection, and a wireless local area network.

the ‘XRS 7200’ has a huge 720 hp engine driving its six wheels, while a central tire inflation system ensures that they are at the right pressure at all times. it has two 400 l diesel tanks toward the center of its wheelbase, while fresh water comes from the onboard 720 liter (190 gal) supply. a 720Ah lithium-ion battery bank with a 5000 W inverter keeps all electrical equipment up and running. the batteries are charged by the engine during driving, and an array of 1440 W roof-mounted solar panels takes over automatically when the expedition vehicle is camped out.