The Zebra is an Electric Wooden Boat For Silent Sea Rides


combining a classic style with electric power, the ‘zebra’ is a minimalist boat for navigating the sea. created by parisian industrial designer and engineer dimitri bez, his unique concept is influenced by the 1947 ‘sea maid’ wooden ski-boat. it now has the same signature minimalist look, and timeless finish that have grown to be signature of his studio.

all images © dimitri bez

dimitri bez’s classic, yet refined style of the ‘zebra’ boat is crafted for the modernist who appreciates innovation, while looking beyond the time-sensitive nature of ‘fashionable’ design. what makes it so unique is its electric motor, compared with other vessels powered by combustion engines, or more naturally by windsails. this has a hugely positive implication for its environmental impact, plus its motors provide an almost silent form of propulsion. it’s made with luxury materials, including dark wood, leather, and is outfitted with modern refinements.

inside the ‘zebra’ there are retro controls, an oLED touchscreen tablet located on the dashboard for navigation (doubling as a digital display), and a classic dark ‘orange’ interior. the boat’s geometric pattern is made from wooden panels with chrome lines reinforcing the structure.the ‘zebra’s’ luxurious interior looks to accomodate six to eight people, depending on how many you passengers want to fit on its soft, orange leather seats. the boat has a retro aesthetic, with two seperate cabins for the driver and front-seat passenger, with a larger seat behind for passengers to enjoy the silent ride on the sea.