French Company Will Pilot Electric Hydrofoil Water Taxis in Paris


this summer paris will meet ‘seabubbles’, the electric hydrofoil water taxis that aims to open up transportation infrastructures with zero emissions in big cities. the startup expects to launch its first full-size pilot boats in the french capital after june this year.

all images © seabubbles

seabubbles‘ has developed a futuristic looking water taxi that could be part of one of the vert first water-based transportation systems. the ‘seabubbles’ are electric hydrofoils that are powered with wave and solar energy, and ‘generate no waves at full speed’. the vessel will be made of high-density foam and fiberglass, with a unique hydrofoil design rumored to be responsible for 40% less drag compared with a similar sized boats. the water taxis will recharge at their docking stations, where solar and wave energy will be converted to electricity. the electric motors are expected to achieve 6-8 knots in the water, with a range of 80-100 km per charge.

‘seabubbles’ is the creation of alain thébault, who set the double world sailing speed record with the ‘hydroptère’ hydrofoil, and anders bringdal, who set the windsurf world speed record in 2012. 

‘one day my daughters asked me: ‘it’s great that you hold the double world sailing world speed record, but why don’t you use your inventivity for the greater good, for our planet, giving everyone the opportunity to fly on water?”, explains alain thébault.