Rain Prisk: a Series of Otherworldly Car Concepts


created by rain prisk, this series of car concepts depict the future for automotive-brands porsche, bentley, chevrolet, and mclaren. the enigmatic estonian designer has created several otherworldly car concepts in the past. based in talinn, rain prisk has created no less than eighty captivating concept renderings, which all exhibit a unique and authentic interpretation of each brand.

the ‘la ferrari with a tent on it’
all images © rain prisk

rain prisk blurs the disciplines of automobiles in his supercar concepts, taking some of the world’s fastest track cars, and transforming them into frighteningly fast off-road vehicles. working with adobe photoshop on a wacom ‘bamboo’ tablet, prisk’s renderings cover a whole spectrum of car shapes and styles. the bentley ‘for some winter fun’ takes the automaker’s most recent luxury SUV and adds snowtracks for supreme off-road capability in previously undiscoverable terrain. in contrast prisk takes a totally new approach in the ‘la ferrari with a tent on it’ supercar, with stilt-like raised suspension and massive off-road wheels, and a rooftop camper, which could outsprint the quickest of cheetahs in full-throttle races.

the porsche ‘918 for off-roading activities’

rain prisk then forsees the future of luxury brands porsche + mclaren in post-apocalyptic landscapes, with both concepts featuring rustic finishes and signs of wreckage from close-call survival situations. from classic racers, to mountain-climbing supercars, all of which are surreal and he hopes people would like to explore new lands in. with such a level of photorealism on display, it would be no surprise if people were to unsuccesssfully try and drive one of these mythical machines. like the inspiration that can be found in great sci-fi films through the years, prisks’s renderings can serve to inspire manufacturer’s designers to take greater risks, to design truly dramatic and mesmerizing automobiles.

the mclaren ‘P1 – not for track use’

the chevrolet ‘fat shooting brake mustang’