Japan Gets an Admiral Blue Special Edition Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport


chevrolet japan launches a limited run of new ‘corvette grand sport‘ in a signature shade of blue, complete with a white stripe spanning from the hood intake and over the hood, with red accents decorating its front fenders and alloy wheels. first built in 1963 to take on the world’s best sports cars, only five were ever built before a chevrolet suspended motorsports involvement directly ending the project. now paying homage to it’s first predecessor, only five production models exist.

all images © chevrolet japan

the chverolet ‘corvette grand sport’ isn’t the most likely candidate to be found in japan, however, that’s exactly where this ‘admiral’ blue special edition was found. its exterior includes carbon-fiber aero elements as standard, while the aggressive wheels feature red rims complementing the stripes above. the interior is a sleek, stealthy affair finished with jet black leather and suede, while its bucket seats hug the torso. strictly limited to five examples, the chevrolet ‘corvette grand sport’ in ‘admiral blue heritage’ will be offered in japan only, each priced at 12,800,000 yen.