The Mooney M240V Acclaim Ultra Airplane


building on mooney’s 85 year legacy of producing the world’s fastest production piston-powered aircraft, the ‘M240V acclaim ultra’ delivers an uncompromising balance of speed, engineering, american craftsmanship and safety. hand-built in kerrville, texas, mooney’s artisans have delivered more than 11,000 predecessors of the aircraft to pilots for more than three generations. this year, the american aircraft company’s ‘acclaim’ gets a complete overhaul, keeping its classic features while adding new technology and user-friendliness.

all images © mooney

mooney has added a second door to the ‘acclaim’ airplane for the first time while widening the entranceway by more than four inches, providing greater accessibility. an integrated, composite skin now wraps around the aircraft’s strong tubular cabin roll cage, reinforcing its sleek aerodynamic lines, slicing through the air and silencing the interior during flight.

moving towards the sporty interior, four people can relax in hand-stitched italian leather seats, with a more intuitive center-console. a garmin ‘G1000 NXi’ glass-panel avionics displays all of the information a pilot needs. this model features a retractable gear, tucking away the wheels to aid the aircraft’s aerodynamic efficiency. the ‘M20V’ acclaim ultra boasts a super-fast twin-turbocharged continental ‘TSIO 550-G’ engine, boosting its top speed performance to 447 km/h (278 mph) over a range of 2,293 km (1,425 m).