PAL-V Liberty Flying Car Takes off at Top Marques Monaco 2017

at the 14th edition of top marques – monaco’s supercar show – visitors witnessed the world debut of the road-driving and sky-soaring PAL-V ‘liberty’ flying car. described as ‘a car that flies, a plane that drives‘, the vehicle does not exceed the dimensions of a regular one, perfectly blending itself within everyday road traffic but also offering a new level of mobility. it hovers up above the ground using a wind-powered rotor that sources the principles of gyroplanes, in order to provide a safe and easy take-off.

all images and video courtesy of PAL-V

aiming to launch the age of the flying car, the PAL-V ‘liberty’ was on show for the first time at top marques monaco 2017, presenting its unique design that includes a three-wheel construction. with the ability to fly over traffic jams, rivers, lakes and even mountains, the vehicle enables you to get to your destination quicker, and without the need to go to a dedicated airstrip. even adverse weather conditions are no match for this innovation as users can drive past the bad conditions and then take-off.

the car features an interesting three-wheel design

users can skip rush hour traffic jams

its dimensions does not exceed those of a regular road car

the car can take-off from standstill