The Chevrolet Camaro by Timeless Kustoms is a Stealthy Muscle Car


the chevrolet ‘camaro’ is one of the most iconic muscle cars in america´s rich automobile history, and this tuned model by timeless kustoms has a particularly unique story–it was bought by major league baseball pitcher brad penny, of ‘the dodgers’, with the intention of having it fine-tuned. timeless kustoms completed the ‘camaro’ project for the player in 2013, transforming it from an ebay donor vehicle into a stealthy, high-performance (750 hp) muscle car.

all images © timeless kustoms

timeless kustoms’ sleek exterior on the cheverolet ‘camaro’ is captivating. the california-based autotuner tucked the car’s bumpers tight to the body, while the drip rails were shaved-off enhancing both aesthetics and aerodynamics. a bespoke rear wing and undercar diffuser were then crafted, helping keep the car planted to the pavement at speed. a set of extractors were then fitted integrated to the hood to help pull heat through the intercoolers. finishing the exterior is the stealthy paint finish based on BMW’s ‘sparkling graphite’.

the interior now features a marquez design dash clustered with analog auto meter gauges, tracking almost every function on the car, while a sparco steering wheel finishes off the ensemble. the interior upholstery has a single piece suede headliner, and accu-mat sound deadening, to help bring the sonorous engine roar to an acceptable level. the customized twin-turbo 380 chevrolet ‘LSX’ engine is fed by a k&n filter, producing in excess of 750 horsepower. the powerful twin-turbo is paired with a ‘tremec wide ratio’ six-speed transmission from american powertrain.