The Avtoros Shaman 8×8 is an Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle


measuring in at 6 meters long, 3 meters high, and 2.5 meters wide, this eight-wheel beast can tackle any terrain, from land and snow right down to floating through water. avtoros is the company behind the ‘shaman 8×8′ and it has clearly adopted the russian mind-set of going ‘big’. built to navigate across any terrain, the shaman ATV knows no bounds when it comes to outdoor adventures.

all images © avtoros

the avtoros ‘shaman’ is powered by a iveco ‘F1C’ 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine, allowing the heavy off-road vehicle to create 146 horspower with its six-speed manual gearbox. the ‘8×8’s’ polygonal body looks sleek and smooth, with an industrial orange and grey paint-finish over the exterior. the russian manufacturer chooses to leave a driver’s seat on the left or right, but opting for a more central position creating a futuristic cock-pit aesthetic.

the ATV’s unique steering system has three different settings, allowing the driver (from the captain’s chair) to switch between ‘on-road’ (front four-wheel drive), ‘off-road’ (active rear wheel steering), and ‘crab’ mode (turning all eight wheels in sync to move sideways). the ‘shaman’ can scale 45-degree inclines, carry up to 1.5 tons of cargo, and is actually ‘pretty easy to drive’–according to those who have driven the monster. the avtoros shaman 8×8 takes approximately two months to manufacture, meaning each model is fully customizable.